AUDIOTOP was started in 1989 on the initiative of people full of energy, ideas and plans, as well as considerable technical and managerial experience in the field of electroacoustics, with the purpose of making an important contribution to the world of Car Hi-Fi. It was presented to the marketplace then, in complete contrast to the trend of the time, proposing small but innovative boxed subwoofers, which allowed an excellent bass reproduction thanks to an unusual patented horizontal Push-Pull system. AUDIOTOP gained an immediate and great success - enough for it to be recognized as one of the leading Italian brands in the world of Car Hi-Fi.

The many years of experience with Hi-Fi problems, the constant acoustic research aimed at improving car sound systems and the technical co-operation with the biggest companies specialized in the production of speakers for the car industry, are the pivotal points of the quality and development of AUDIOTOP's products.

The scientific technical know-how, supported by well-equipped testing and measuring laboratories and the many years of experience acquired directly in the marketplace, allow AUDIOTOP to know precisely all the mechanical, electrical and acoustic parameters of the products that it will then develop with the contribution of approved suppliers. An aesthetical study completes the product for its final presentation to the market. This co-operation produces products that are modern, customized, of exceptional quality, are continuously updated and which meet the requirements of a market that is evolving constantly. Not satisfied with what has been developed in the field of Car Hi-Fi, AUDIOTOP has extended its field of production interest by putting itself to the test in Sound Systems for rooms in the home and large premises. It still applies innovative ideas to both the arrangements and the technology itself in the construction of the speakers, paying as much attention to the sound quality as to the spaces and the costs. Thus installations (standard) have been produced for homes, and customized systems for gyms, churches and public places generally.

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